Google Analytics Report Tool Metrics

As a marketer, analyzing and tracking data is vital. Once you understand how consumers use your site, it will be easy to improve future online marketing campaigns. Therefore, the importance of the Google Analytics report tool cannot be emphasized more. The tool is highly important in that it helps in collecting visitor data from your website. The data is later used to generate reports that give you insight into how your site is being used. Google analytics not only helps in tracking visitors and number of pages viewed, but it also helps you see the content that gets most views, ads that drive most visitors to your site, and time on site per visit.

What important actionable metrics should every professional marketer have on the Google Analytics Report Tool dashboard?

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Why Traffic Analytics are necessary

If it’s not worth measuring, it’s probably not worth doing. Traffic analytics services for your website basically involve gathering data about site visitors, their online habits. The more people interact with your site the more information you can collect. The  use of this information leads to improving the entire customer experience.

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Marketing Performance Marketing Productivity

Marketing principles and practices help businesses make more profit by getting more customers and nurturing a relationship with them. In the case of a public company, marketing affects its share price as well. So, the business can grow further by improving how its marketing department works. As Improvement comes through measurement, appropriate metrics need to be put in use. It has been recently shown in research that measuring marketing performance has a positive impact on the firm’s performance.

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Cluster Analysis in Marketing

In marketing, Cluster Analysis is a task performed on customer data to create distinct groups backed by appropriate figures. Based on these groups, you can modify your offer by changing price, product features, promoting it differently, advertising it using another way or message or even putting it in a different kind of store.

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Factor Analysis Marketing Example

Factor Analysis is a technique used in marketing. It helps solving problems where a lot of information can be grouped together. For instance measuring quality as a whole or in more detail like taste, design and customer service. The analysis can be based on actual data or people opinions.

Factor Analysis in Marketing using a basic example.

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3 Steps to Customer Value Analysis

Customer Value Analysis is a tool that you can use to check how parts of your product or service your customers or market value more. How is that possible?

If you are looking at your sales figures, you have probably asked yourself “What can I do to make these go up?“. There are indeed many things you can do like getting your product into more sales points or promoting harder and better or slashing the price. But what can you do on the actual product that can improve things?

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7 Books on Marketing Analytics

Check 7 Books on Marketing Analytics to start and grow your skills with. You are getting a list of books with info on what to look for as far as level and detail is concerned.

Introduction, Intermediate or Expert levels are here. Also, you can see if it’s a “Library” type of book for the university or the office to share or you can take it home and read at will.

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