7 Books on Marketing Analytics

Check 7 Books on Marketing Analytics to start and grow your skills with. You are getting a list of books with info on what to look for as far as level and detail is concerned.

Introduction, Intermediate or Expert levels are here. Also, you can see if it’s a “Library” type of book for the university or the office to share or you can take it home and read at will.

Business and Foundation

Marketing Analytics do serve strategy and managers, so it pays to have those needs in mind every time.

1. Marketing Research and Modeling: Progress and Prospects A tribute to Paul E. Green

This is a book that looks at Marketing Analytics (or Marketing Science or Quantitative Marketing) from the work of Paul E. Green. It is more of a review of research to get a sense of how ideas developed into models and practice. It is a nice introductory book in academic writing to share

2. Market-Based Management Strategies for Growing Customer Value and Profitability

A managerial book that shows in simple words and examples how to manage with market in mind. The examples can be worked out in spreadsheets. You get ideas from practice on adjusting your strategy to customer value (and through that company revenue). It is an introductory book that can be shared with colleagues in the office

3. Marketing Management

It is indeed a famous book for marketers. Should people with technical background read it, it can make their collaboration with the marketers easier. There is not much to say other than it gets updated often and it includes decisions marketers make that needs analytics’ help


Some of you want to read about concepts before running the software

4. Building Models for Marketing Decisions

A book on econometric models for marketing decisions. You can find marketing models on products or consumers, that can help in predicting or just getting an idea of the relationships. There are also tips and general advice on making sure your models work and how to make these operational for the business. This is a book you can have by your side, to refer to whether you want to run a model or understand how it works.

5. Data Mining Techniques For Marketing, Sales and Customer Relationship Management

Number 4’s equivalent for data mining. It is focusing on data mining application for Marketing Analytics problems. You learn by examples from projects applied. You can find out many data mining techniques and dig deeper according to the problem you are trying to solve. Also, a book you can have next to you for when a data mining opportunity comes along


For when you are right in front of the screen with the mouse at hand

6. Using Multivariate Statistics

This is a textbook with SPSS, SAS and SYSTAT examples. The examples are not necessarily about marketing. You can learn about statistical models for marketing mix and customer churn. It also handles modelers’ questions on data issues. You can refer to this book when running a specific model.

7. Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel

The techniques you read about in book Number 5 can be applied using SQL code and Excel formulas that are found in this one. The solutions are about getting data from the tables in one and then making necessary calculations and charts with Excel. So, for those of you that want to use commonly available software or just want to get ideas on implementation, you can refer to this book


There is no one magic book and there are many authors that have extensive knowledge on Marketing Analytics. These 7 books on Marketing Analytics can serve as a foundation to understand what marketing problems are there, what kind of analytics solutions can be found and how can these be implemented using software

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