Why Traffic Analytics are necessary

If it’s not worth measuring, it’s probably not worth doing. Traffic analytics services for your website basically involve gathering data about site visitors, their online habits. The more people interact with your site the more information you can collect. The  use of this information leads to improving the entire customer experience.

What is Traffic Analytics?

  • The analysis of quantitative and qualitative data from a website- yours or the competitor’s.
  • It can also be looked at as a continuous effort to improve your visitor’s online experience.

All businesses whether large or small have to take note of stocks, upcoming orders, track sales, expenses, and more; and they do this to get a handle on where the business is headed. It’s the same with your website and with dozens of tools online to get this information; anybody should be able to get analytics for any website.

Web analytics 2.0

This is a three-tiered data analysis service designed for both small and larger businesses, and it works by collecting all sorts of data including traffic, clicks, and page views, and analyzing that information to predict customer behavior and preferences.

How to check Traffic Analytics

The first step is to install a powerful Traffic Analytics tool, and there are different options for that. Some analytics tools are more expensive than others and so it will depend on how much you want to invest in this service and which tool you prefer to use. Fortunately there are a number of free analytics tools available online that you can use.

Top analytics tools on the web

Google Analytics

Most marketing professionals have some experience working with Google Analytics and almost all agree that it’s a good starting point for a couple of reasons: it collects and interprets relevant data, and it’s absolutely free. From the many metrics offered you should absolutely watch these

KISSmetrics Analytics

This is another popular analytics tool and it gives you tons of valuable information about your visitors. It is perfect for commercial sites and blogs that offer products for sale. Remember some of these tools may be used in conjunction with other analytics tools in an effort to maximize data collection and analysis.

Open Web Analytics

The people behind this platform describe it as free analytics software that you can install to track and analyze how people use your site and apps. It works a lot like Google Analytics and is a good option if you prefer an alternative.

Crazy Egg

This one is owned by KISSmetrics co-owner Neil Patel and it uses a range of visual cues to show you how visitors are navigating your site. Here’s what Crazy Egg lets you see:

  • Heatmap- it takes a picture of where people clicked the most on your website, letting you see what is and isn’t hot.
  • Scrollmap- this shows you how far down the page people are scrolling and it can help you determine which pages are least interesting.
  • The overlay report shows you the number of clicks on each element of the page.

Check Traffic Analytics of a website

Use these tools to gather data and make sure that information translates into meaningful data so you can adjust different elements to create a more effective customer experience.

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